Vernissage Sep 2013

29 September 2013

Artistic Impressions-Impressions artistiques 2013
  Written by Ron Ford

Sunday, September 29th was a fabulous sunny day and the art on display at the vernissage in the Shenkman Arts Centre was a perfect complement to the day.

There were 17 works of art on display from Arteast members. The mediums ranged from oil and acrylic to watercolour, mixed media, glass, pressed flowers, coloured pencil and rosewood. All of the art was of excellent quality and many featured a theme of beautiful Fall landscapes and wonderful summer flowers. Other works were very unique including the Glass work (Abstract #13) and the coloured pencil drawing (The Morrigan). Each piece, whether it be made of wood, pressed flowers or some type of mixed media, made a distinct impression. Of particular note was the acrylic painting titled Freedom, submitted by Pari. This work depicted the world in conflict, with doves attempting to break the chains of oppression. I think there was a lot of heart and soul put into that work.

Most of the artists were present along with some family and friends. Our local MP Royal Galipeau came by to lend his support.

As with any fine event there were snack food and beverages provided and a talented guitar player (Virginia Dupuis’ son Leonard) provided great background music.

Personally, I could have sat and looked at the art works while listening to the music and snacking all afternoon, but I ran the risk of Josie nominating me to several committees. When I did leave, I had these excellent artistic impressions fresh in my mind from this enjoyable vernissage.

photos by Gregory Abraszko

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