Vernissage Mosaic 2015

Shenkman Promenade and Trinity Galleries
15 February 2015

Mosaic / Mosaïque 2015
by/par Kerstin Peters

Every February, ARTEAST showcases the best of the members’ works during the juried Mosaic exhibition which is held in the Trinity Gallery at the Shenkman Arts Centre. This year, which marks the 25th anniversary for ARTEAST, the number of applications was especially high. This made the choice for the jury very difficult as 165 works were submitted with space for only 62. The many entries raised the bar very high and the jury had a difficult choice. At the end, 58 artists brought in their works. The exhibition demonstrates the great talent of the ARTEAST members who work in many different mediums and styles. Both two- and three-dimensional artworks shine a bright light on the artistic diversity and artistic skills. You find works done in acrylic, watercolour, oil, mixed media, pastel, charcoal, graphite, coloured pencil, encaustic, marble, paper clay, alabaster, and wool, as well as photographs and digitally manipulated photographs.

Three artists received a Juror’s Choice Award:

  • Maureen Rooney Mitchell for her beautiful oil painting “Captured” which depicts two little red-haired girls in a grain field with a storm brewing all around them, the older sister embracing and comforting the younger one.
  • Val Roy for her interesting mixed media piece “Entwined 2” in which colours and shapes float effortlessly into each other, leaving a lot of space for interpretation.
  • Stephen Quinlan for his acrylic painting “Rising” which reminds me of Gustav Klimt’s decorative art with its bright colours and intricate shapes.

The “ARTEAST Award of Excellence” went to Patrick Imai for his piece “Motherhood 2”, an alabaster sculpture of two bear cubs with their mother. Patrick was the first artist who received the new trophy for the “ARTEAST Award of Excellence” which is now placed in the Promenade cabinet.
A big “thank you” goes again to Maureen Rooney Mitchell and her team of volunteers who did a terrific job hanging this big exhibition. A worthy start to ARTEAST’s 25 year activities. The exhibition still runs until March 17, 2015

  À chaque mois de février, ARTEAST expose à la Galerie Trinity du Centre
Shenkman, les meilleures oeuvres sélectionnées par un jury.

Cette année marque le 25e anniversaire d’ARTEAST. Le nombre d’applications
était élevé soit 165 pour un espace de 62 tableaux rendant ainsi le choix
difficile pour le jury et la barre haute pour les artistes. À la fin, 58
artistes ont vu leurs oeuvres retenues.

L’exposition démontre le talent des membres de l’association par les
différents médiums et styles présentés. Il y a les oeuvres en deux et trois
dimensions comme expression de l’habileté des artistes. Vous en trouvez
faites à l’acrylique, aquarelle, huile, technique mixte, pastel, fusain,
graphite, crayons de couleurs, encaustique, marbre, alabastre, laine,
photographie et photo numérisée.

Trois artistes ont reçu une mention spéciale du jury:

  • Maureen Rooney Mitchell pour une très belle peinture à l’huile :’Captured’.
  • Val Roy pour son intéressante pièce de technique mixte : ‘Entwined 2’.
  • Stephen Quinlan pour sa peinture à l’acrylique : ‘Rising’.

Le prix d’excellence revient à Patrick Imai pour sa sculpture en
alabastre: ‘Motherhood 2’.

Un merci spécial à Maureen Rooney Mitchell et à son équipe de bénévoles
pour le bel accrochage des œuvres de cette grande exposition. Quelle i
ntéressante activité de départ à l’occasion du 25e anniversaire
d’ARTEAST! L’exposition se poursuit jusqu’au 17 mars 2015.

Trad. Isabella Lévêque Bouchard

photos by Kate Daller

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photos by Josie De Meo