Vernissage Mosaic 2014

16 February 2014

by Lynne Alsford

Sunday, February 16, 2014, was a great day for Arteast to have the vernissage for Mosaic – its annual juried exhibition in the Trinity Gallery at the Shenkman Arts Centre. Although the day was cold, the clear sky and brilliant sunshine put people in a good mood and they came out in force to take in the artistic festivities going on at Shenkman, including Mosaic. As a bonus, the exhibition had been listed as one of the cultural events of Winterlude.

The Mosaic exhibition draws out some of our members’ best works. Competition starts even before the pieces are hung, as members are invited to submit up to three works from which judges pick the final selection for display. This year, 64 artists presented 133 pieces at the initial “jurying” stage. The judges had their work cut out for them but, in the end, selected 61 pieces representing the work of 47 artists. After the pieces were hung and set up in the gallery, a final jurying step determined the three best works for the Judges’ Choice Awards.

Exhibitors cover a broad range of disciplines from painting and drawing to printmaking, photography and sculpture, all of which are executed using a variety of media and methods. Viewers enjoyed the brilliant colours of acrylic and oil paintings, the strong lines and vibrancy of mixed-media works, expertly crafted watercolours, dynamic sculptures in metal, ceramic stone and marble, and the infinite possibilities of the photographic artworks. Josie de Meo, Arteast President, presented the Judges’ Choice Awards to Virginia Dupuis for her oil painting, Cables & Popcorn, a beautiful study of the light and texture in a knitted item; to Gregory Abraszko for his photograph, Indian Night, a monochromatic piece with dramatic perspective and lines; and to Mark Gagne for his mixed-media piece, Untitled 2013_03_13, a strong statement incorporating the heavy texture of wood with the lightweight material of paperback novels, punctuated by bolt and washer additions. Josie also presented roses to Maureen Rooney-Mitchell, the lead co-ordinator for the organization’s exhibitions at Shenkman, and to the volunteers who helped organize and prepare the Mosaic exhibition.

Everyone who attended the vernissage on Sunday afternoon had a great time. Visitors enjoyed the artwork while listening to the sounds of a stringed orchestra, and Beau’s Brewery was on hand elsewhere on the lower level at Shenkman to provide free samples of beer. And, of course, there was Arteast’s customary refreshments table laden with various treats (some of which were works of art in themselves!). Mayor Watson dropped by briefly to view the works and chat with some of the exhibitors.

It was another great success and would not have been possible without the expertise and hard work of Maureen, who had the gargantuan task of simultaneously organizing and preparing Mosaic and Artistic Reflections (the Arteast exhibition in the Promenade Arteast Gallery). She and her team of volunteers did a great job. Thanks to all who helped!

“Artistic Reflections/Réflexions artistique” – 21 artists, 21 Works of Art
by Anne Warburton

The Artistic Reflections/Réflexions artistique Show, currently being held February 13 – April 22, 2014, at the Promenade Gallery, reflects the diverse mediums used by Arteast artists which are available for artists to try. This show includes photography, mixed media, acrylics, oils, watercolour, digital, silk painting, coloured pencil, sculpture, and more.

We are very fortunate at Arteast to have access to so many galleries in the city on a year-round basis, and especially the Promenade Gallery at the Shenkman Arts Centre. The show was hung on February 13, with the vernissage just three days later and in conjunction with Arteast’s Juried Mosaic Show in the Trinity Gallery. The hall between the two galleries was full for the vernissage, with family, friends and the public attending. Refreshments were provided by artists of both shows and there was music to entertain us. 

Congratulations to all the artists participating in Artistic Reflections/Réflexions artistique which runs until April 22: Lynn Alsford, Robert Arnold, Roy Brash, Jane Cass, Margaret Chwialkowska, Erica Keruaz, Carmen Dufault, Ellen Desmarais, Erika Farkas, Susan Cornthwaite Grenier, Patrick Imai, Leslie Lambert, Isabella Lévêque Bouchard, Jessie Parker, Michael E. Phillips, Olga Radushkevich, Carole Renaud, Val Roy, Anne Warburton, Gordon Wright and Dorothy Zorn.

And, of course, thanks go to all the volunteers who helped make this show a success.

photos by Gregory Abraszko

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