Queen Elizabeth Mural Project

Queen Elizabeth Mural 2010

Day 1

Photos by Josie De Meo and Lindy Nadarajah

Dolly Ayoub, Hunter Lortie, Haider Kadhorn, Warson Abdi

Hassan Zahran, Wiley Brownfield, Amrin Ahmed, Meherin Ahmed

Tyler Arseneault, Latifah Kamal, Reem Siage, Raika Zahran

Winny Antoine, Fawzia Adbulkarim, Joshua Perkins, Brian Johnston

Queen Elizabeth Mural 2010 – Day 2

Artists at work

More artists at work

Clarisse with children

Jackie with children

Josie and Clarisse with children

Joy, Jackie and Suzanne with children

Joy, Norm and Jackie with children

Mix and match pieces of the mural

Norm and Josie with children

Queen Elizabeth Mural 2010 – Day 3

Children taking a break

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4

Suzanne Lalonde with completed mural