New Members Exhibition 2015

Francois Dupuis
June 2015

by/par Madeleine Rousseau

I am a new member of ARTEAST, and it was great to find out that new members could participate in an exhibition at the François Dupuis Recreation Center in Orléans this summer.

Nineteen visual artists have selected one of their artwork for display in this new and modern public space. The exhibition provides the viewer with plenty of variety. Variety in techniques, as showcased artists used acrylic, watercolour and oil painting, oil pastel and linocut printmaking. Variety in subject matters, from country and urbane landscapes, depiction of animals, botanicals, people and objects, and abstracts.Variety of colours and hues. Every time I stand in front of a piece of artwork in a gallery, I am always interested and inspired by the subject matter of the artist. Everyone’s work is so different and yet something unites us all, this passion and urge to communicate some emotions, imagery or memories. You will experience a variety of emotions as you walk along this wall, as each artwork takes you to a very different place. Go and enjoy the experience!

The exhibit will run until July 20th at the François Dupuis Recreation Center, 2263 Portobello Boulevard, ORLéANS, and Ont.

On behalf of all participating artists, I would like to thank the ARTEAST organizers and volunteers for opening a welcoming door to new members in this manner.

photos by Josie De Meo

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