Management and Planning Committee

2018/2019 Management and Planning Committee

If you are interested in a vacant position, or would like to attend a meeting, please contact the President. The Committee meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the ANE office in the Shenkman Arts Centre.

Board of Directors

President:   Lindy Nadarajah

Vice – President:  Claire Ouseley

Secretary:   Lise Guindon

Treasurer and Membership:  Dorothy Zorn

Past President:  Lynne Alsford


Community Events:  Danielle Beaulieu

Community Outreach Projects: Lindy Nadarajah 

Digest:  Danielle Beaulieu 

Facebook:  Danielle Beaulieu, Maureen Rooney Mitchell 

Grow With Art: Lead – Cheryl Mattice, Danielle Beaulieu, Mary Ann Varley, Les White, Claire Ouseley, Sally Bender.

Newsletter: Lynne Alsford

Open Studio: Corinne Feasey, Dorothy Zorn

Volunteer Coordinator: Claire Ouseley 

Website: Helen Rosseau, Kris Kennedy


Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition:  Interim Lead – Mary Ann Varley, Carmen Dufault, Susan Thompson, John Archer, Debbie Corkery, Mary Douglas, Istvan Jobst, Bill Lee

Blackburn Hamlet Library:  Josée Bourassa , Lore Organ

Budding Artist: Lead – Laurie Hemming, Leslie Lambert, Cheryl Mattice

Francois Dupuis: Lead –  Cheryl Mattice, Mark Bottomley, Kendall Riddell

Lunasole Resto-Bar: Gwen CowanRichard Pell,

North Gloucester Library: Lead –  Darina Boldizar, Pari Zati, Christine Gendron

Orleans Library: Lead – Corinne Feasey, Mike Phillips, Rachel Lapalme, Lynne Alsford

Promenade Arteast – Shenkman Centre: Lead Maureen Rooney Mitchell, Mary Ann Varley, Dorothy Zorn, Clarisse Cheseaux, Claire Ouseley, Isabella Lévêque Bouchard, Debbie Corkery, Roxanne Decelles

St Laurent Complex: Lead – Jennifer Fraser Garland, Helen Lepage, Rashmi Rekha, Elisabeth Baechlin.

St Laurent Library:  Linda Dabros,

Trinity Art Gallery – Shenkman Centre: Lead – Maureen Rooney Mitchell, Danielle Beaulieu, Clarisse Cheseaux, Isabella Lévêque Bouchard, Lindy Nadarajah, Claire Ouseley, Mary Ann Varley, Dorothy Zorn