Library Exhibits

Arteast Ottawa members are encouraged to hang their art work in any of the four Ottawa East libraries listed below. It’s an opportunity to show your work and share your talent. Art can be for sale or not. Hanging is on a “first come-first serve” basis (except for Blackburn Hamlet Library). Calls for artwork for these libraries are announced in the quarterly newsletter Communiqué, and by email. Changeover dates are also noted in the calendar.

The selection of works for these libraries changes every two months in: January, March, May, July, September and November (the uneven months).

All pieces must be ready for hanging with appropriate framing and hardware. Arteast Ottawa volunteer library coordinators reserve the right to reject pieces because of technical or space reasons. These coordinators also facilitate the process by notifying members, by email, of the next hanging dates, receiving the art and ensuring that everything is properly labelled – with name of artist, title, medium, dimensions, phone number, and cost (if for sale). Once displayed in the library, members of the general public may contact you to see more of your work or buy the art that is for sale. Artists who need to arrange pickup of any sold art are to contact the appropriate coordinator beforehand.

The opportunity to show your work at these four libraries is free to Arteast Ottawa members. We do however request that a 15% commission on the sale price be forwarded to Arteast Ottawa. This commission helps support our many activities.

Library staff and visitors often mention that they enjoy the art and the chance to support local artists.

Blackburn Hamlet Library:

Blackburn Hamlet Library
Blackburn Hamlet Library

Location: 199 Glen Park Drive

A chance to have your own solo mini-exhibition. This smaller library can accomodate 12 artworks for two months. Don’t have enough paintings? Why not team up with another Arteast member and share the exhibition. Changes at a mutually agreeable time to the artist and coordinator.

Contacts: Josée Bourassa and Lore Organ

North Gloucester Library :

North Gloucester Library
North Gloucester Library

Location: 2036 Ogilvie Road

Changes on the second Tuesday between 10:30 am to 11:30 am. 

Contact: Darina Boldizar

Orléans Library:

 Orléans Library
Orléans Library

Location: 1705 Orléans Boulevard

Changes on the first Tuesday between 10:30 am and 11:30 am. 

Contact: Corinne Feasey

St Laurent Library:

St. Laurent Library
St. Laurent Library

Location: 515 Coté Street

An opportunity to have your own solo exhibition. Works will be featured on the brick wall at the end of the library, above the study carrels, facing the entrance. This site has a wall space of 21’ but because of its height, large paintings are recommended.

Artworks will run for a three-month period, July, October, January and April at a mutually agreeable date to the artist and coordinator: 

Contact: Linda Dabros