Francois Dupuis

Through an agreement with the City of Ottawa, Arteast has secured 44 feet of beautiful 2-dimensional art display space in a rapidly growing Orleans neighbourhood. Situated at the South end of Portobello Boulevard, the François Dupuis Recreation Centre is a new state-of-art recreation centre with an artist’s soul. 

The exterior of the building hints at what lies inside with the brick work meant to suggest rolling waves and three bright orange tubular sculptures imitating fish jumping in and out of the water. Inside, a charcoal grey aluminium sculpture “Water” hangs from the ceiling and flows along the full length of the pool viewing area.

This is an inviting and fitting space for Arteast members to display their own works.
The Arteast exhibit wall runs the length of the corridor that leads to the change rooms, and since the centre offers a fitness and cardio centre as well as lane swims, family swims and numerous lessons, this hallway is travelled by most visitors and offers superior visibility.

Each Arteast member exhibit will run for two months at a time with changeovers taking place in the evening of the third Monday of alternate months. Exhibits will showcase the works of 4 artists at a time and calls for art will be communicated through the Arteast Digest, website and the newsletter. The current display will run until May 26 due to the holiday on the previous Monday.

The centre is also very accessible. It is open seven days a week, specifically from 6:45 am to 9:45 pm, Monday to Friday, 7:45 am to 7:30 pm Saturday and 7:45 am to 6 pm Sunday.

For more information on the François Dupuis Recreation Centre, visit the City of Ottawa’s website or contact the centre directly at or 613-580-8080. Better yet, drop on by and see the current display in person.

To contact a member of the Arteast François Dupuis Team, please use the contact form

2263 Portobello Boulevard 
Ottawa, ON, K4A 0X3