Expressive Landscape Painting Workshop

Saturday November 17,
10:00 to 16:00

Where:   St Columba Anglican Church, John Stewart Hall,
24 Sandridge Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 0A8

Workshop Leader:    John Archer

This workshop will be of interest to accomplished painters who want to “shake up” their painting process, and to newer painters who are looking to develop a “looser” painting style.  Although the focus is on landscape painting, the process can be generalized to other subject matter.  The workshop leader will focus on the use of acrylic paints; however, watercolour or water soluble oil paint can also be used by participants.

The workshop will have two parts.  The workshop leader will begin the first part in the morning with an explanation of the process he uses, with example works.  This will be followed by a demonstration.  Participants will then undertake a series of quick paintings using a reference photograph provided by the workshop leader.  The goal is to “deconstruct” that image focusing separately on issues of composition, form, colour, line, value, etc.  It is a process of discovering what the image could be as an expressive painting.

At lunch, there will be a discussion of participants’ morning exploratory work. 

The objective of the second part of the workshop, after lunch, is to integrate what was undertaken in the morning with the creation of a more “finished” painting.  The workshop leader will undertake a short demonstration of that process.  Participants are encouraged to paint quickly and bring their work to a good state of completion in the limited time available. 

During the final hour of the workshop participants can (if they wish) show their work (perhaps still in progress) for discussion.

Participants will bring their own painting supplies and easel (if they use one). Participants will be provided with sheets of Yupo for the first part of the workshop.  A larger sheet of Yupo will also be available to participants for the second part.  However, if you prefer to work on a different support medium for a possibly finished work, you may bring that with you.

We will need 8 participants to run this workshop.  Arteast Members are subsidized by 50% of the cost of the workshop.

Registration closing date is Friday  November 9, 5:00pm

To register send  an email to Mary Ann Varley or
Claire at Tel: 613 842 9649
  Send your  cheque to Treasurer, Arteast, Box 5, Suite 260 , Shenkman Arts Centre 245 Centrum Blvd, Orléans, ON K1E 0A1

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