Community Project 2012

Arteast Volunteers in Community OutreachAvril / April 2012Glen Ogilvy Public School Project

What a pleasure it is to work with children! Their creativity, enthusiasm and excitement are infectious. Glen Ogilvy School is tucked along Centrepark Crescent in cosy Blackburn Hamlet. The school serves a wide spectrum of students from various backgrounds and economic levels. There are 22 classes including Junior and Senior Kindergartens up to Grade five, French immersion classes and special need classes. This makes a total of 440 students and potential artists.

April 5, 2012, fourteen eager volunteer “Arteasteners” spent the day engaging the students in a variety of art projects. Josie De Meo coordinated the volunteers and Mary Ann Varley helped with the materials and coordination with the school. Book markers were made with potato-stamped patterns. Watercolour cards were painted and eight 36 X 36″ canvases were designed and painted. The Arteast artists planned some of the canvases and helped the pupils to handle the paint and brush strokes to work together to create the final image. Themes suggested by the school were active lives in the Ottawa setting. From rainy days to kite flying on Parliament hill, the themes encouraged the students to think of colour, careful skill in applying paint and how to create contrast and detail in a painting.
Each session saw two classes in the gym, divided into groups, visiting three different stations. The object was to allow the students to be creative and have a couple of artworks to take home. They also to experienced working cooperatively with each other and with the artists on the murals. What charm and excitement was evident in the finished products!

The volunteers returned to the school on Friday April 13 and worked with the kindergarten classes. Again the many smiles made the day a pleasure for the six “Arteast-artistes”. Similar projects were produced with potato printing, watercolours, and of course, working on the big murals. The works have been glazed and signed and have been on display in the school. The comments from faculty and parents are very positive and indicate that this is a very worthwhile project. Certainly the faculty and administration were happily engaged in making these days a great success. For me, it was a very special opportunity to work with my grandchildren, Ben and Gavin, who attend Glen Ogilvy School.
Josie De Meo is currently working with a francophone school in a disadvantaged area to have an Artfest in November 2012. Hope you will be able to join us on these exciting projects!

Mary Ann Varley