AJAE 2012

11 October 2012

St. Laurent Complex, September 29- November 30, 2012

by Vicki E. Rutherford
Tr. I.L. Bouchard

The annual Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition for 2012, as usual, did not disappoint. Forty-three artists contributed one art work each to be judged and displayed in the main hall of the St. Laurent Complex. Although each piece of art was a winner, the judges had the difficult job of choosing from among them the first, second, or third place, in a variety of categories. There was also an overall category, Best in Show, and Christopher Tinkler was chosen for his work, Broken Ascent, in carbon pencil. The nine categories were established by the medium employed, and the judges had their prescribed criteria. 
A big shout out goes to all the volunteers – and their tireless efforts, organizing, categorizing, hanging, communicating – and all with smiles on their faces! Without their dedication the show would not go on! I am sure we would all like to thank each one personally for their endeavors.
Thank you : Helen Rosseau,Tom Scott, Mira Wasilewska, Cheryl Mattice (Lead coordinator), Maryse Legault, Maureen Rooney Mitchell, Lindy Nadarajah, Virginia Dupuis, Josie De Meo and Rosalind Wong, along with other artist volunteers who gave their all to make sure the event was a resounding success. Without the hard work of all these volunteers, Arteast would not be the driving force in the Ottawa art community that it is today.
L’exposition annuelle 2012 par jury pour prix d’Arteast s’est déroulée avec succès au Complexe St.-Laurent. Quarante-trois artistes, dont une oeuvre par artiste a été jugée et accrochée dans le hall principal du Complexe. Puisque chaque oeuvre était gagnante, il était difficile pour les juges de déterminer la première, deuxième ou troisième place des diverses catégories. Une autre catégorie s’ajoutait : ‘mention spéciale’ gagnée par le tableau Broken Ascent de Christopher Tinkler. Les médiums se regroupaient en neuf catégories et les juges répondaient aux critères établis.
Une grande acclamation à toutes et tous les bénévoles pour leur inlassable effort : organisation, catégorisation, accrochage, communication, le tout fait avec grand sourire! Sans leur dévouement l’exposition n’aurait pas lieu! Nous aimerions les remercier individuellement pour cet effort. 
Des mercis particuliers s’imposent auprès de : Helen Rosseau, Tom Scott, Mira Wasilewska, Cheryl Mattice, Maryse Legault, Maureen Rooney Mitchell, Lindy Nadarajah, Virginia Dupuis, Josie De Meo, Rosalind Wong, ainsi qu’aux autres artistes bénévoles qui ont aidé à assurer le succès de cet événement. Arteast ne pourrait être une force vive dans la communauté de l’art sans l’implication de ses membres.
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photos by Tom Scott and Helen Rosseau


Overall People’s Choice

Elizabeth Krug – Oil
Kitchen Window(interior)
Louise Berube – Acrylic on Wood
Iced Willow Tree
Christian Mihailescu – Opaque Acrylic
Marina #3
Jo-Ann Tremblay – Oil
Window on the World
Elizabeth Baechlin – Mixed Media
Green Fish
Kerstin Peters – Oil
The Barn Near the Creek
Marilyn Campbell – Acrylic
The Old Root Cellar(Orleans)
Maryse Legault – Acrylic
Picking Sea Shells
Rosalind Wong- Watercolour
Beata Jakubek – Opaque Acrylic
Windy Day
Robert Arnold – Digital photomontage
Riomaggiore – New Vision 5
Mary Ann Varley – Collage and Oil
Algonquin Shimmer
Virginia Dupuis – Acrylic
Jessie Parker – Mixed Media
Across the Piazza
Carole Renaud – Acrylic
Knock, knock, Who’s there?
Veronica Keith – Oil 
Christine Gendron – Acrylic
Passion For Purple
Betty Anne McDonald – Acrylic
Like Father Like Son
Carmen Dufault – Acrylic
The Sanctuary
Susan Cornthwaite Grenier – Mixed Media
Alex Kotlyar – Watercolour
Bird on the Snow-Ball Tree
Bernard Poirier – Watercolour
New Brunswick Trail
Carolyn Malek – Watercolour and Pastel 
The Dutchess of Cambridge
Margaret Chwialkowska – Oil
Mike Stenson – Oil
selled Day lillies
Clarisse Chesaux – Watercolour
Force et Vitalité/ Vitality
Isabella Leveque-Bouchard – Watersoluble Media
Light Wave/ Lumière D’èté
Joanne Beaubien-Goddard – Acrylic
Fairy Child
Viki Rutherford – Mixed Media
Mission to Mars- Who’s Waiting?
  Roy Whiddon – Photo
Norman Goddard – Watercolour
Cactus Land
Dwain Sykes – Watercolour
Sentinels Along the Ridge
Christopher Tinkler – Carbon Pencil
Broken Ascent
Ruth Dick – Photo
Dandy Lion
Josie De Meo Watercolour
Coville Beach, West Souris, PEI
Kate Daller – Pastel
Out of Africa
Arlette Franciere – Watercolour
The Philosopher Poet(Portrait of John Smith)
Ted Johnston – Wood Cut Print
Canal in Venice
Monique Miller – Etching 
Jane Cass – Photo
Morning Mist on Fairy Lake
Karen Miller – Fiber
Fungus Adventure
Patrick Imai – Soap Stone
Reaching for a Star
Tara Dawe – Encaustic
Stormy Peace