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Each year there are eight opportunities for Arteast members to have a solo exhibition at Luna Sole Restaurant, located in the mall at Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard and Youville Drive. The show is mounted on one wall of the restaurant for approximately six weeks beginning in January. The final show of the year, in December, is always a group show, a retrospective show with a single piece from each artist. Examples of exhibitors can be found here on the Luna Sole page of the Arteast website (

The exhibition space is another example where Arteast collaborates with local businesses and public spaces to showcase the fine quality of work produce by Arteast artists. Farhad Khan, the owner of Luna Sole, has said that he wants to be engaged with the community beyond simply providing meals and drinks. 'I am pleased to provide this space and hope that my clients enjoy the varying displays when they come for a meal'.

There is no charge to participate but sales are subject to a 15% commission paid to Arteast. The usual Arteast conditions apply, including being a current member of Arteast and items for the show must be framed and ready to hang . Depending on the size of the artwork, up to eight pieces can be shown.

For more information, please feel free to call or e-mail at
Gwen Cowan:; 613-744-3909

January 9 to February 6 Elizabeth Twiss
February 6 to March 13 Nasri Georges
March 13 to April 17 Nohad Selman
April 17 to May 30 Richard Pell
May 30 to June 26 Leslie Lambert
June 26 to July 31 Lore Organ
July 31 to September 4 Lynne Alsford
September 4 to October 16 Erika Farkas
October 16 to November 20 Kerstin Peters
November 20 to January 8 END-OF-YEAR GROUP SHOW

Nasri Georges
at Luna Sole until 13 March 2018

Nasri Georges is our current featured artist at Luna Sole Restaurant.

Born in Syria, Nasri studied architecture at the University of Aleppo. He started his career as an architect working in building restoration, including the famous ancient crusaders' citadel `krak des chevaliers' where he spent five years working as a project architect. Nasri then furthered his studies in architectural restoration at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, before returning to Syria to work as a university professor and a faculty member at Al Baath University in Horns, Syria. Nasri also ran a design firm for 25 years focusing on building design, environmental consulting and book publishing. He authored four books in architectural theory and environmental design.

His passion for oil painting dates back to his undergraduate years at the University of Aleppo. He joined a student art club, where he learned the basics of painting and participated in student-led exhibitions. After his arrival in Canada, Nasri was fascinated by the richness and beauty of the Canadian landscape. Currently, like many people of his generation, he chose to resume painting again after his retirement. His creative process has evolved over the years and one that bares the hallmark of an architect. Every painting is planned in advance and structured ahead of time, while leaving some space for spontaneity.

In his paintings, he often mixes architecture and landscapes. However, he believes that there is no difference between nature and man-made structures, only in our eyes; everything is composed by a higher order. The defining line between the two is a product of scale and ought to be blurred out. Nasri is an associate webmaster for Arteast and an active participant in our events.

Find Nasri on
The show at Luna Sole continues till March 13th

at Luna Sole until 6 February 2018

Elizabeth Twiss (Howells Humm) works mainly in oils and watercolours. She is a member of Arteast and the Ottawa Art Association, and frequently shows work at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Elizabeth paints with the Stanley Street Workshop, and is part of the Old Stick Studio Cooperative. She has a Certificate in Fine Arts from St. Lawrence College.

The series of paintings now hanging at Luna Sole had its genesis in life drawing courses Elizabeth took in Brockville over the years 2011 - 2014. On some occasions, the models posed with exercise balls. Most of the drawings were scant and quickly done. Later, the artist perceived in the images a strong sense of relationship between the model and the prop. The ball seemed to function as an object of desire, whatever that might be for each of us - for instance, a person, a vocation, a material item. The feeling being evoked seemed to transition with the different poses, as a personal relationship or any labour of love does over time.

Also, looking into the new year, we will be using more of the restaurants wall space. Two sections that would be suitable for larger pieces. More on that to come.

Group Show
at Luna Sole until 7 January 2018

Luna Sole Restaurant at 5935 Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard, Orléans

Our last show of the year, at Luna Sole Restaurant, is always a group show. Everyone who had a solo show in the past year was invited to contribute a piece of art. This year we had seven beautiful pictures on display.

Also, looking into the new year, we will be using more of the restaurants wall space. Two sections that would be suitable for larger pieces. More on that to come.

Elisabeth Baechlin
at Luna Sole until December 5th 2017

Luna Sole Restaurant at 5935 Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard, Orléans

"Landscapes and Flowers" Solo Art Exhibition by Elisabeth Baechlin
Born in Germany. Apprenticeship as goldsmith with certificate. Attended the School of Design Basel, Switzerland and studied as part of an exchange program with a Scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Italy. Internships in Finland (near Helsinki) and France (Paris). Traveled through Europe, North America and North Africa. Graduated from the Academy of Art and Design Berlin (KHB), Germany with a M.A. in Fine Arts and Design.
Lives in Canada since 2007.
Exposition d'art «Paysages et Fleurs» par Elisabeth Baechlin
Elisabeth est née en Allemagne. Elle étudie à l'École de design à Bâle (Suisse) et reçoit une bourse pour étudier à l'Académie des Beaux-Arts de Bologne (Italie) dans le cadre d'un programme d'échange. Elle travaille comme stagiaire en Finlande et en France. Elle est diplômée de l'Académie d'art et de design à Berlin en Allemagne (KHB) avec une maîtrise en design - Textiles et Création de surface. Elle détient un certificat d'apprentissage en orfèvrerie.
Elisabeth a beaucoup voyagé en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et en Afrique du Nord et s'est installée au Canada en 2007. Elle vit maintenant à Ottawa.

Josie De Meo
at Luna Sole until October14th

Luna Sole Restaurant at 5935 Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard, Orléans

"Wonders of the Maritimes" Solo Art Exhibition by Josie De Meo
When: The show runs September 14th to October 24th, 2017
She's started to devote each year on a different project. This year's collection is celebrating Canada 150th and her travels to the Maritimes.
Exposition d'art «Merveilles des Maritime» par Josée De Meo
Quand: l'exposition se déroulera du 17th septembre au 24 Octobre 2017
Artiste visuel Josée De Meo d'Orléans, célèbre la beauté des couleurs du Canada dans son exposition solo, «Merveilles des Maritime», au restaurant locale, Luna Sole Restaurant. Les peintures ont était inspire de divers voyages dans les Maritime pour célèbrer le 150ieme du Canada.

Claire Cameron
at Luna Sole until September 12th

Art has been a crucial part of Claire's life but has had to take a backseat to obtaining an Engineering degree and working with the Canadian Forces and then on to Project management.

However, through the years art education and training has been present in various forms from weekly classes to intensive workshops, including:

  • Workshops at Confederation Centre of the Arts
  • Mixed media at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
  • Watercolour Studies at Canadore College
  • Life drawing skills with Ottawa Adult Education
  • Encaustic workshops, and Drawing with Colour at Winnipeg Arty Gallery
Claire's preferred medium is encaustic on wood, often with additional media embedded.
On the other end of the spectrum, she often works with watercolour, creating small pictures often of waves or flowers. She is excited to be exploring digital art and has begun working with several applications to discover what can be created.

The show is on until September 12th.

Egle Post
at Luna Sole until March 18th

Egle Post is our current featured artist at Luna Sole Restaurant and one of arteasts newest members. She works mostly in acrylics, colour pencil and mixed media with a strong emphasis on colour.
With a technical background in mechanical engineering she loves to experiment with different materials and techniques. Many of her paintings reflect nature based themes, such as landscapes, animals and flowers. She also paints portraits to capture mood and expression. Her main sources of inspiration come from nature, traveling and a mixture of hard rock, metal and acoustic music.
You can find more of Igles art, including works in progress on Instagram @RedOr1on and on Dojo Art Store Face book page. The show at Luna Sole continues till March 18th

Kerstin Peters
at Luna Sole until December 6th

Kerstin Peters is truly an all around artist, whether working in her studio on animal portraits or out with a plein air group enjoying the beautiful landscape. These plein air adventures have taken her all over Canada.
As a member of several art organizations, she exhibits her work regularly and "hopes to inspire others to find and express their own creativity". Kerstin sees art as a "means to relax, have fun, grow and connect with others through the process of creating". She believes that "everyone can express themselves through art". Acting on this belief, Kerstin offers courses, workshops and paint parties, working with both adults and children.
Several of Kerstin's landscapes are now on display at Luna Sole, along with three colourful pieces of her fiber art. The show will be on until December 6th.

Luna Sole is located in the mall at Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard and Laverendrye Drive (opposite the Bob McQuarrie Centre) and is open every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

Maryse Hatchard is our current featured artist
at Luna Sole

offering a last burst of summer colour with her larger than life floral watercolours.

Although her education and work history is in the field of Medical Research, Maryse has always been drawn to the visual arts.
She has taken courses in watercolour for many years and is now in a position to pass on some of this wonderful knowledge. She offers classes in her studio space as well as classes during the lunch hour in elementary schools. In recent years Maryse has been looking into the art health connection, "bringing health and wellness through creative processes". This she says, "will be a wonderful new chapter" for her. The show will be on at Luna Sole until October 25th.

Shirley Moulton
at Luna Sole August September, 2016

Displays Variety in Style and Media

The new exhibition at Luna Sole restaurant is varied both in content and media. Shirley Moulton creates in oil, pastel, gouache, water colour, pen and ink, and graphite pencil. Her subject matters vary from landscape and florals to portraits of humans and animals. This exhibit features a very dominant rooster presiding over florals and landscapes. Shirley has been exhibiting for over two decades in the Ottawa area and belongs to several art organizations, not least Arteast.

For this exhibition, she is also offering a special discount if more than two pieces are purchased.

HERB van der STAAY
at Luna Sole June - August 2, 2016

Inspired by the Colours and Space of the Canadian Landscape

Herb van der Staay draws his inspiration from the colours and space of the Canadian landscape. He is mainly a self-taught artist but studied under Ottawa artists Bruce Heggtveit and Robert Hyndman, and has attended workshops and painted with many fellow artists.

"I like to interpret what I see in nature and, in a way, abstract it into a pleasing painting." He finds painting en plein air is a constant learning process where "Nature teaches us how to see colour, light, shadows and shapes. It is a challenge to put feelings and impressions on canvas and to connect with the viewer."

To Herb, each painting becomes just a moment in time, the view changes constantly varying with the time of day and time of year.

Herb's work has received recognition in prizes, awards and honourable mentions over the years and his work has been on display in several local galleries.

His landscapes are now on display at Luna Sole Restaurant through the month of July.

Christine Blais: The Eyes Have It

On display at the Luna Sole restaurant for May and June

is Christine Blais, a multidisciplinary artist, with an MA in Film Studies from Carleton University. She has presented works in encaustic that are based on photographs of heads, especially the eyes of the subjects.

She says that her background in photography and her affinity for sketching have played fundamental roles in shaping her vision with the encaustic medium. "The images in these works aim to demonstrate the self as deconstructed and fragmented by technology. By using digital photography, I accentuate the role of technology in the breakdown that occurs when our focus is placed on observing other people's lives through social media instead of experiencing our current reality."

L'artiste maintenant à la Resto Luna Sole est Christine Blais, une artiste multidisciplinaire qui tient sa maitrise en Film à Carleton University. Elle present des travaux en encaustique des photographs de surtout les yeux des subjets.

Elle dit que son expérience dans la photographie et son affinité pour le dessin ont joué un role fundamental dans l'élaboration de sa vision avec le milieu encaustique. "Les images de ces œuvres visent a d'émontrer l'auto comme d'éconstruit et fragmenté par la technologie. En utilisant la photographie numérique, j'accentue le rôle de la technologie dans la repartition qui se produit lorsque notre accent est mis sur l'observation de la vie des autres au travers des medias sociaux, au lieu d 'expérience de notre réalité actuelle."

Gwen Cowan "Peared" Up

at Luna Sole April and May

Pears are the featured subject for Arteast member Gwen Cowan in her exhibition at Luna Sole Restaurant.

A life-long interest in art was first fostered in her upbringing, then in her education and on into her work life. For many years, Gwen worked in social services working with children of all ages. "My artistic training helped me a great deal in terms of what I could offer the youth I worked with," she explains. She moved on from social work to picture framing then returned to helping school children develop their artistic interest and abilities.

Now she is taking part in activities that focus on the art-health connection, teaching cartooning to elementary school children and looking for other teaching opportunities while also creating new works in what she describes as "stylized realism". "Usually my message is peaceful and my intention is to evoke good feelings for the viewer," says Gwen. "I love to draw and paint and probably always will."

The exhibition continues at Luna Sole to May 10

Luna Sole is located in the mall at Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard and Laverendrye Drive (opposite the Bob McQuarrie Centre) and is open every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

What Dreams May Come

Lissa Rachelle

at Luna Sole

February 16 to March 29

In 2012, Lissa Rachelle began painting with acrylics as a break from detail-oriented and time consuming pencil work which had been her original artistic expression. Working with paint put her in a "playful" state of mind that led to a style deliberately carefree and, to a certain extent, spontaneous and intuitive..

The paintings at Luna Sole represent her own spiritual explorations and beliefs that have led to a surrealistic, colourful and slightly whimsical world where a gentle sense of mystery prevails. She says "it is a place where the skies are filled with light even in the deepest night and the trees express their emotions with the growth of their curly branches and roots, and there is always the feeling that one might be on a wonder-filled adventure of discovery".

New Season of Artists
At Luna Sole Restaurant

MARILYN CAMPBELL is the first of eight Arteast artists to exhibit at Luna Sole in 2016. Her work draws on paintings by various artists modern and historical. She, like many Arteast members, came to painting later in life. Her appreciation of the "wonderful world we live in" was in part stimulated by studying watercolours under Kathy Harker-Flander and participating in Arteast events. She signs her work "marilyn sara".

If you are interested in acquiring one of her paintings,
please call Marilyn at 613-834-9937 or email her at

Future exhibiting artists are: Gwen Cowan, Lissa Rachell, Christine Blais, Herb van der Staay, Shirley Moulton, Maryse Hatchard, and Kerstin Peters.




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