Grow With Art Sep 2013

24 September 2013

David Kearn: Watercolour Demonstration

by Mary Anne Varley

Tuesday, September 24 was an exciting evening, It began with a small tribute to Josie De Meo and her leadership in Nuit Blanche. A delicious cake was shared by all. I introduced David Kearn, well-known watercolour artist, began his demo with a bold sweep of his brush and ultramarine blue. He “landmarked” the features in dark values by putting in the shadows for the nose, edges of the face including the brow line and under the chin. At this point, David showed the difference of a line and a value drawing to describe form. With charcoal on paper, it quickly became apparent that by developing the values the form emerged quickly. David often begins his work with charcoal and then the colour on top. 

Using a stiff brush, David lifted the highlight areas. The details around the mouth and nose, eyes were then added. David uses a fairly limited palette of ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, a neutral yellow- yellow ochre, raw umber and Paynes gray. David said that he avoids the staining colours, such as phthalo greens, in creating form as they are hard to control and un-removable. It was really enlightening to see the image emerge so quickly. There were 40 people at the meeting which provided a good opportunity to meet fellow artists, as well as learn some techniques.

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photos by Gregory Abraszko