Community Outreach 2009

Queen Elizabeth Public School

Arteast was one of the successful recipients of a Grant from the City of Ottawa. Part of the grant application has a “Community Service” component. One of Arteast’s community Service Outreach Project’s involves voluteering “artistically” with Queen Elizabeth School.

Arteast members volunteered at Queen Elizabeth School in Spring 2009. Shandra Nadarajah, a student at the Faculty of Education at University of Ottawa and niece of Arteast executive member Lindy Nadarajah requested that Lindy share her artistic skills with the Grade 3/4 class, the class with which Shandra did her placements. Queen Elizabeth School. Lindy brought this information to the attention of the Arteast Executive and a most exciting series of projects resulted.

On March 31, 2009, an initial planning meeting was held at Queen Elizabeth School. In attendance were: Queen Elizabeth School staff members Debbie Machida, Principal; Kathi Kay, Vice Principal; Kathleen Coulas, French Teacher; John Spence, Intermediate Division teacher and Lisa Gibson, Intermediate Division Teacher. Arteast was represented by: Mary Ann Varley, Grow with Art Coordinator; Lindy Nadarajah, Promenade Arteast and Cumberland Library Coordinator and Joy Rutherford, Past President. Faculty of Education student, Shandra Nadarajah attended this meeting. It was decided that in April/May/June 2009, four projects would be undertaken with selected staff members and their classes and Arteast members.

It should be noted that volunteer, Linda Carreau, from the National Gallery of Canada’s “Looking at Pictures” program was present at Queen Elizabeth School on June 10 and she introduced and explained several well known works of art to the Grade 3/4 and Grade 7/8 students.

In September 2009, an opportunity would be provided for selected works from the Gr. 3/4 class would be displayed in the east end, possibly in the Ottawa Public Library- Ray Friel Branch (on 10th Line in Orleans) or at Queenswood Villa Retirement Home, Kennedy Lane, Orleans and a Vernissage would be held for the artists and guests.

If the Arteast executive approves volunteering for a school project next year, Queen Elizabeth teacher, John Spence has offered to be the contact person.

PROJECT 1- “The Artist in the School” TIMELINE- May 1, 2009 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Several Arteast artists demonstrated their art in the gym and 500 students classes cycled through to visit and observe the artists creating their works. Many students tried “demos”. The Arteast volunteers tirelessly and enthusiastically demonstrated their art. Much gratitude is expressed to School Contact Teacher- Lisa Gibson and the Arteast Participants, Leslie Dorofi, Mari Brown, Jinny Slyfield, Maureen Rooney Mitchell , Mike Stenson ,Virginia Dupuis, Carol Steinberg, Mary Ann Varley, Lindy Nadarajah, Lynda Mathieson, Marion Hall, Tom Sloat (Marion’s husband). A very special thank-you to Lindy Nadarajah for stepping in, at the last moment, as coordinator of this project.

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PROJECT 2- “School Murals” TIMELINE- May 25 to June 14

Arteast members worked with Grade 7 and 8 students during the afternoon nutrition break to design and create five murals for the walls of the upper hallways of the school. Many thanks to artists Mary Ann Varley, Dorothy Zorn, Virginia Dupuis and Maureen Rooney-Mitchell for working cooperatively with the students and guiding them through their completion of these projects. Special thanks to Mary Ann Varley for her directed guidance throughout this project and to contact teacher John Spence who patiently and unselfishly volunteered his time during the afternoon recesses in order that these students would have a painting legacy to leave to leave to future students and staff at the school.

PROJECT 3- “Self Portraits” TIMELINE- June 10, 2009

Kudoes and thanks to Arteast participants, Lindy Nadarajah, Carol Steinberg, Norm Goddard and Ottawa U. Faculty of Education participants Shandra Nadarajah and a colleague for working with the grade 3/4 students to assist them in creating and framing their own “Self- Portraits”. A special thank you to Lindy Nadarajah for her coordination of this project.

PROJECT 4- “Set/Backdrop Design” for Fairy Tales TIMELINE- June 12, 2009

Thank you to Mary Ann Varley, Mari Brown and Maureen Rooney- Mitchell for working with the Grade 5/6 French Immersion class to create a Set/Backdrop design including a castle, a forest and a small wooden cabin or the fairy tales Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Thank you to Mary Ann Varley for coordinating this project.

Submitted by Joy Rutherford, Arteast Past President, June 16, 2009

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